3 myths that published writers need to banish

After your book is published, what other things can you do to build a writing career? Consider the following common myths about moving forward:

Myth #1: “After my book gets published, I’ll be financially set for life.”
Larry Dane Brimner says: “The reality is that 5% or 10% of a $15.00 book doesn’t amount to a living wage when, on average, most titles sell only between 2,000 and 5,000 copies. Other revenue streams are necessary if one is to pursue one’s art, one’s love. School visits and speaking gigs can help your bottom line.”

Myth #2: “I’m just not the kind of person who could get up in front of children and talk about my book.”
Peter Jacobi responds: “Yes, you can! In my workshop we’ll polish your presentation skills, give you useful strategies for creating and delivering engaging talks, and practice with videotaped public-speaking sessions and a “live” school presentation. Peter is lead faculty at Crafting Successful Author Visits.

Myth #3: “My publisher will take care of marketing my book.”
Bobbie Combs suggests: “You may be either excited or appalled at the idea of marketing, but if you are or intend to be a professional writer, you MUST care about marketing. Publisher marketing departments have been downsized, and so you need to take responsibility for bringing your book to the world’s attention.”

Posted on: March 18, 2015