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Stephanie is a scientist at heart. She has her Master of Science in animal behavior, taught at Ryerson University, and spent many years as a gorilla researcher. Now, along with being a children’s author, she’s an award-winning freelance writer. Her books include Toby Tootles (Sleeping Bear Press, illustrated by Mary Sullivan) and Can’t Get Enough Dog Stuff (National Geographic Kids). She also has three upcoming books including From Calculating Chimpanzees to Brainy Bees: Mathematical Abilities in Animals (Candlewick/MIT Kids Press, illustrated by Jaclyn Sinquett), Making Sense of Dog Senses: How Our Furry Friends Experience the World (Owlkids Books, illustrated by Raz Latif), and Dogs Versus Humans: Showdown of the Senses (Owlkids Books, illustrated by Bambi Edlund). Learn more at

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