Partners & Sponsors

Our Partners positively impact kids and teens by helping the Highlights Foundation fulfill our mission: to amplify the voices of storytellers who inform, educate, and inspire children to become their best selves.

In-Community Partners

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Latinx Kidlit Book Festival


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Hawthornden Foundation
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Corporate and Publishing Sponsors

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Past Program Sponsors and Grantors

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Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority

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We seek partners who understand the power of story and the storytellers who create it, and believe in its ability to inspire future generations.

Opportunities for Impact Include:

Access Building

Program Grants

In-Community Leadership

Marketing Support

Professional Development

Retreat Space
Turnkey Programs
Free Programming


General Contribution

Program Sponsorship
Donor Matching
Round-Up Programs
Corporate Gifts
Operational Support

Corporate Partnerships

We have several partnership options for corporations who want to impact future generations in new and meaningful ways.

This can include sponsorship of key programs like our Essential Conversations Series, funding scholarships for creatives, or valuable operational support.

Contact us to work on a custom plan that meets your company’s goals.

Publishing Industry Partnerships

Publishing industry partnerships with the Highlights Foundation are similar to our traditional corporate partnerships, but can also incorporate aspects of:

  • professional development for creatives and internal staff, and
  • our shared focus on the craft and business of publishing for kids.

Contact us to work on a custom plan that meets your company or organization’s goals.

Non-Profit Partnerships

If the mission of your non-profit aligns with the mission, vision, and values of the Highlights Foundation, we’d love to explore a partnership.

This can pertain to our work in children’s literature, Essential Conversations programming and broader support of equity and inclusion, or areas of operational focus like sustainability.

Contact us to work on a custom plan that meet’s your organization’s goals.

Schools, Libraries, and Educational Institutions

We’ve partnered with several schools, libraries, and other institutions to offer professional development opportunities through workshops and courses, including our Essential Conversations programming.

To talk about a plan for your district or system, contact us.

Grantors and Funders

The Highlights Foundation has been awarded several grants for our programs and initatives.

These include those in support of select Essential Conversations programming, operating expenses, sustainability efforts, and more.

Contact us for more information.

Program- Specific Support

Essential Conversations Sponsorships

Children’s books that reflect the richness of the human experience through diversity, inclusion, and access are catalysts for change.

Join us in supporting our Essential Conversations programming series to provide online and in-person spaces for children’s literature changemakers and innovators to lead—with resources and support from the Highlights Foundation.

Contact us for more information about these and other sponsorships.

Your Partnership Supports:

Authors, illustrators, and creatives (collectively: storytellers) join us to learn the craft and business of creating and publishing for children.  We offer more than 100 options in-person and online each year.

Sometimes educators and librarians join us as authors and illustrators themsleves.  Others join us for professional development opportunities to better serve the children whose lives they touch.

Publishing professionals help get stories into the hands of kids in a myriad of ways.  They join us as both faculty and participants for craft and professional develoment workshops.

There are many individuals and organizations who have long championed children’s literature as a catalyst for positive change.  We strive to amplify these innovators and provide opportunities to work with and grow our community.

We encourage the interest and support of our partners, donors, funders, grantors, and sponsors, but these do not constitute an endorsement (express or implied) of any products, services, offerings, companies, opinions, and/or political positions.

He took the book from his brother, and he read it. It was my first letter. And in the letter it said, “My father is from a small village in Senegal. And I’ve never been there, but I was there in your story.”


Leah Henderson, Author

Our Mission in Action

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Partners & Sponsors

The Highlights Foundation positively impacts children by amplifying the voices of storytellers who inform, educate, and inspire children to become their best selves.  Learn more about our impact.