Highlights Foundation Scholarships
The Highlights Foundation offers a number of scholarships to our programs. In addition to the General Scholarship Funds, there are a number of Named Funds honoring those who have had a significant impact on children’s literature (see list below). In addition, some funds have been donated in honor of loved ones.

Scholarship deadlines for each workshop can be found on the workshop description page. The scholarship committee awards full and partial scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded on the following criteria:

  • Seriousness of purpose: A brief questionnaire asks about the time and effort you devote to your craft.
  • Talent: A writing sample speaks to your talent.
  • Financial need: As a follow-up to the initial application, we may be in contact asking for details about your financial need.

For a list of our individual named funds, see below. Please note, when applying for a scholarship, you do not have to specify which scholarship you’re applying for. The scholarship committee can determine the best fit.

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Supporting Our Scholarship Program
If you’d like to make a donation to our Scholarship Fund, you can do that here.
You can donate to our general fund or to one of our funds in honor of:
Richard Bell
Pam Conrad
Joy Cowley
Bernice E. Cullinan
Nancy Edwards
Margery Fackham
Patricia Lee Gauch
James Cross Giblin
Lee Bennett Hopkins
Peter P. Jacobi
Janet Keen
Garry Myers III
Jack Myers
Barbara Seuling
Jerome Weisman
Clay Winters
Kay Yoder
Kidlit Pride Scholarship Fund
PJ Library Scholarship Fund
Kidlit Women Scholarship Fund

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