Visiting Our Campus

Our campus is located at The Barn at Boyds Mills, a 5,200-square-foot gathering and dining space (The Barn), 21 cabins, a lodge, the Founders’ farmhouse, and several other outbuildings located at the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Line drawing of the Barn at Boyds Mills
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“How had I never known that the perfect writer’s retreat existed at Highlights Foundation Campus? I had such a wonderful time finishing my novel at the campus, and felt fully supported by the staff, the faculty that was onsite with me, and the beautiful surroundings. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for the days that I spent there.” (Venessa Kelley)

Join Us for a Workshop or Retreat

Comfortable lodging, with private accommodations and bathrooms plus three farm-fresh meals per day with unlimited drinks and snacks.

All this is included with the craft and community that brings us together at the Highlights Foundation.

“When I first arrived in Boyd’s Mills, I had no idea what to expect. What I found was a feeling similar to finding a secret door into a world where I belonged. People who thought and wished and dreamed and who loved words and putting them together just like I did! Each time I wind through the woods and turn onto the drive, I feel that same magic; I feel like I’m home.” (Sally R. Flannery)

“I loved being able to look out on the woods as I wrote in my cabin. I loved taking walks along the trail from the word garden to the creek. That’s a happy place for me, that little slice of trail. And I loved just taking it in and breathing deeply. A little serenity now.” (Jason Hussong)

“For a person who is used to taking care of people all the time, it almost made me cry. The food so delicious and hot and on time, and just the space for light and quiet and warmth… indescribable how welcome you make me feel.” (Laura Anderson)

Preparing For Your Time On Campus

Want to Learn More About Our Retreat Center?

It’s called The Barn at Boyds Mills.

“I felt so well cared for, seen, and known on this visit. Everyone who works in the Barn is so generous of spirit and kind. On top of LOVING the Jim Giblin cabin and the perfect food, the people made this trip truly warm and welcoming. Thank you for everything!”

Need Help Getting Here?

Not sure how to get to campus?

You can drive, fly, or take a bus.

Check the options and see what’s most convenient for you here.

“Highlights felt like family from the first time I walked on campus. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. This solidified my impression that the children’s book community was my home and point of connection around creativity.” (Carrie A. Pearson)

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