Cabin 8 at the Highlights Foundation Supported by the Asian American Voices Collective

5_6 Asian American Voices Retreat

Where Asian American Voices are Seen, Heard and Amplified

When visitors come to the cabin, they’ll be surrounded and inspired by the work of our community, and our Asian American voices will be seen, heard, and amplified at the Highlights Foundation.  The scholarships will play a meaningful role as they support Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander storytellers who inspire children through story.—Grace Lin & Debbi Michiko Florence

Sponsored by the Asian American Voices Collective

Stewarded by Debbi Michiko Florence and Grace Lin

Debbi Michiko Florence and Grace Lin at the Barn
The Asian American Voices Collective was born when Grace Lin and Debbi Michiko Florence brought together those who had attended the Asian and Asian American Voices Retreats in 2022 and 2023 to fundraise.  The collective’s goal was to sponsor a cabin, to amplify their fellow voices, and support scholarships at the Highlights Foundation.

On Building the Asian American Voices Community at the Highlights Foundation

…Grace saw it as an opportunity to create the children’s book support and friend group she never had – but needed – when she was starting in the industry. Debbi saw it as a way to build connections and grow the community. Overall, they both knew that a safe place for Asian and Asian American voices to create stories for kids was not only desired, but needed—for now and for the future, as well.

Learn more about how the retreats and cabin sponsorship came to fruition.

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