Sponsor a Cabin

As with everything we do at the Highlights Foundation, cabin sponsorships serve our mission. They support a scholarship in full annually for the duration of the sponsorship, and offset cabin upkeep and improvements. They also support and amplify Voices who will inspire the next generation of children and young adults through story.

Cabin Sponsorship:

  • Brings new Voices to the Highlights Foundation via scholarships
  • Amplifies Voices and stories to create inspiring spaces around our campus

Sponsor a Cabin at the Highlights Foundation


Starts at $15,000

(for a 3-year Sponsorship)

Your Sponsorship:

  • Funds one (or more) scholarships, valued at $1,500 annually
  • Offsets cabin upkeep and upgrade costs
  • Generally supports the Highlights Foundation

Named Cabins at the Highlights Foundation

Cooper's Cottage Sign (In Honor of Floyd Cooper)

Sponsored in part by:

Learner Publishing Logo
Native Creatives Cabin Sign

Sponsored by:

Charlesbridge Publishing  logo
Cabin 8 Sign

Supported by:

The Asian American Voices Collective

Our Mission in Action

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