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As with everything we do at the Highlights Foundation, cabin sponsorships serve our mission. They support a scholarship in full annually for the duration of the sponsorship, and offset cabin upkeep and improvements. They also support and amplify Voices who will inspire the next generation of children and young adults through story.

Cabin Sponsorship:

  • Brings new Voices to the Highlights Foundation via scholarships
  • Amplifies Voices and stories to create inspiring spaces around our campus

Sponsor a Cabin at the Highlights Foundation


Starts at $15,000

(for a 3-year Sponsorship)

Your Sponsorship:

  • Funds one (or more) scholarships, valued at $1,500 annually
  • Offsets cabin upkeep and upgrade costs
  • Generally supports the Highlights Foundation

Named Cabins at the Highlights Foundation

Cooper's Cottage Sign (In Honor of Floyd Cooper)

Cooper’s Cottage

The Highlights Foundation dedicated a scholarship and cabin in honor of Floyd Cooper in 2019. We didn’t know it at the time, but those would come to honor his memory.

Learn more about Cooper’s Cottage.

Sponsored in part by:

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Jim Giblin's Cabin

Jim Giblin’s Cabin

Publisher, editor, and award-winning author James Cross Giblin served on the Highlights Foundation faculty from its earliest days, with a passion for helping others to believe in the magic their own writing could bring to children. The James Cross Giblin Scholarship Fund and his cabin at the Highlights Foundation ensures that his contributions are perpetual.

Learn more about Jim Giblin’s Cabin.

Native Creatives Cabin Sign

Native Creatives Cabin

Author and Cherokee Nation citizen Traci Sorell partnered with the Highlights Foundation to help other Native storytellers share their works with readers everywhere by establishing this cabin and the Native Creatives Scholarship.

Learn more about the Native Creatives Cabin.

Sponsored by:

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Nikki Grimes Cottage Sign

Nikki Grimes Cottage

New York Times bestselling author Nikki Grimes is a long-time friend of this organization and our community.  This cabin honors her, and features some of her awards and copies of most of her published work.  The Nikki Grimes Scholarship at the Highlights Foundation supports Black and Afro-Indigenous Women Writers and Poets.

Sign with text: Phoenix Farm Annex/Jane Yolen Cabin

Phoenix Farm Annex

Phoenix Farm Annex (The Jane Yolen Cabin) honors prolific children’s author Jane Yolen, and features copies of her work and decor from her home (the actual Phoenix Farm).  Jane and her daughter, fellow author Heidi EY Stemple, have also established a scholarship fund to “pay it forward” and help upcoming writers learn the craft and business of children’s publishing.

Learn more about the Jane Yolen Cabin.

The Renee Watson Cottage Sign

Renée Watson Cottage

The Renée Watson Cottage features art, photos, writing prompts, memorabilia, and books personally curated by Renée to remind guests of the perseverance,  boldness, and grace it takes to make art, and give them a calming and nurturing space to think, process, and generate work.  The Renée Watson Scholarship annually supports a week-long independent writing retreat for a Black woman writer.Learn more about the Renée Watson Cottage.

Uncle Jack's Cabin Sign

Uncle Jack’s Cabin

Jack Myers–or “Uncle Jack,” as we remember him–was the senior science editor for Highlights for Children for over 50 years.  This cabin honors his life and contributions, and the Jack Myers Scholarship supports Science writers at the Highlights Foundation.

Learn more about Uncle Jack’s Cabin.

Whisker's Hollow Cabin Sign

Whisker’s Hollow

Whisker’s Hollow (The Steve Light and Christine Cincotta Cabin) is a whimsical nod to Road Trip! A Whiskers Hollow Adventure by Steve Light.  Steve and Christine have also established a scholarship to support an illustrator to attend our Summer Camp in Illustration.

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