Joy Cowley: On Being an Author

Joy CowleyIf you haven’t visited Joy Cowley’s website, you should: You’ll enjoy reading about her life and how she gets ideas for her books, but she also gives some great writing advice. A sample:

“The idea comes first. A story may begin with one idea or several. Look for ideas that are original, different. If you can’t think of anything, try the library of ideas that come from your own life. That is probably your richest resource. Focus on a specific memory. Was there a family celebration at which something funny happened? Was there a time when you were very frightened? What was your best holiday – and what made it the best? Was there a time when you had to be brave? Have you ever been lost? What was your most exciting discovery or achievement? Your memory is full of material for stories.” Read more

Joy is one of our most beloved long-time faculty members, generously sharing her time and encouragement with students. She’ll be joining us again, along with Suzanne Bloom and Kathleen Hayes, in just a few weeks for Writing from the Heart, May 18-25. We always love to have her here, and if you decide to join her, you will see why.
Writing from the Heart

Posted on: April 26, 2014