Cultural Competency: An Important first step in expanding the diversity of books & readers

We’re excited to be hosting something important June 14-16, 2019: Building Cultural Competency in Today’s Children’s Publishing Industry: A Working Symposium. Our workshop leader is librarian and social justice advocate Edith Campbell, and her special guests are changemakers Dr. Debbie Reese, Renée Watson, Dr. Marilisa Jiménez García, Dr. Laura M. Jiménez and Paula Yoo.

“For this workshop, I’ve been able to recruit some of the leading advocates for diversity and inclusion to present information on building cultural competencies,” Edith said. “These are people who can speak from their hearts, from the wisdom of lived experience as well as years of research and study. I feel truly optimistic about our time together and what we’ll accomplish.”

Faculty for Cultural Competency

At the symposium we will:

  • Discuss histories of marginalized people in children’s books.
  • Foster competency-building activities and discussions around key readings, including critical reviews.
  • Explore allyship, particularly in children’s literature.
  • Cultivate the tools needed to maintain and grow one’s cultural competency.
  • Begin exploring the complexities of cultural competency to foster racial equity in communities, classrooms, and on the bookshelf.

Who should attend?

  • Editors, agents or publishing executives who want to deepen their understanding of cultural competency in the industry.
  • MFA professors who could benefit from a professional development opportunity around cultural competency.
  • Writers who follow conversations on social media and who would like to have a better understanding as well as find ways to have appropriate conversations about their work.
  • Writers looking for better understanding of writing outside one’s experiences in books for children.
  • College professors who work with pre-service teachers and want to bring them into this important conversation.
  • Teachers who are building a classroom collection and want to find ways to be inclusive with their choices and ways to talk about the books with students.
  • Librarians, media, booksellers, bloggers, book reviewers–anyone who is an ally of the fight for correct cultural representation in children’s books–are welcome to join us and learn.

This course will help you cultivate the tools needed to maintain and grow your cultural competency.

Posted on: March 27, 2019