Guest Post: Rachel Werner–What’s All the Hype About Digital Branding…and Should I Be Doing It?

We’re excited to welcome Rachel Werner to the blog today! Rachel is the digital editor for BRAVA magazine and is a past recipient of a Highlights Foundation Artist-in-Residency scholarship. We’re pleased that Rachel was a special guest at our Everything You Need To Know About Children’s Book Publishing: A Crash Course. Thanks for visiting today, Rachel!

Anything with the word ‘digital’ plopped in front of it is trending like mad. And the pressure to market yourself or your work has never been higher, which can leave novice writers stuck scrolling through recent posts on FaceBook trying to assess when, where–and most importantly–how to begin promoting their creative endeavors.

Social media can indeed be life–and career–changing, but by no means does it have to be, especially at the start. One big positive of cultivating an online presence is that YOU get to be your own MUSE–and BOSS. Let your strengths and interests be the driving force as to which platforms to utilize initially and how frequently. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you must grow an audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, YouTube…and launch a podcast to someday be a “successful” author.

Start small and be consistent. Those two elements will pay off over time, helping you build authentic relationships online plus gain followers you actually enjoy engaging with. And remember that digital branding can be constructed with an eclectic toolkit including, but not limited to: live videos, paid ads, SEO, blogs, e-newsletters and more!

Keep your content authentic and relatable and these two tips will naturally evolve:

  • SHOW your PROCESS…and the STORY will tell itself.
  • Your WRITING is not for just ANYONE, but make it accessible to EVERYONE.

Also keep in mind that “word of mouth” is still the best advertising, so generating a slow buzz for several months–or even years–can often be more beneficial than a big, splashy debut.

For novices or pros, crafting an author profile can be a daunting task without an effective strategy to increase visibility and attract followers. Thus if you’re not already a digital influencer, it’s time to become one by initiating relationships with different media outlets, understanding the pros and cons of trending online channels and building crucial connections on a local and national level by using effective self-promotion via social media, other web-based platforms and direct interactions in your community.

Posted on: January 3, 2019

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