Announcing a Symposium for Jewish Children’s Literature

We’re excited to announce an important new program for 2019. It’s designed for established and emerging Jewish novelists and publishing professionals, as we explore writing for and about Jewish children and young adults.The symposium will address:

  • Where Jewish authors fit in the #ownvoices conversation
  • What Jewishness looks like in children’s fiction; where Jewish children can find themselves in the stories they read
  • What kind of stories are Jewish stories; whether a story can be Jewish without obvious signifiers of Judaism
  • Intersectionality: navigating being Jewish+ in publishing and writing
  • How Jewish writers can find community and mentorship within the children’s book industry
  • Who/what represents an authentic Jewish character in children’s fiction

The symposium will be structured as a series of keynotes, engaging presentations, and panel discussions, coordinated with roundtable discussions led by faculty, reflective journaling, and sharing of experiences. The faculty will speak from their expertise as well as their experience as Jewish people in the publishing industry. The symposium is designed to be an exchange of ideas between participants and faculty.
Symposium Faculty

Symposium Guests

Get to Know the Faculty:

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Read "Thinking About Jewish Children’s Literature in a Time of Antisemitism", a Medium article by Katharine Locke.
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Read an interview with Adam Gidwitz at the Jewish Book Council website.

Posted on: December 6, 2018