January 2021 #HFGather: Programs & Scholarships

Last night, #HFGather host Sarah Aronson talked with George Brown about 2021 community, programs, scholarships and more:

  • Introducing Alex Villasante, our new Online Program Manager!
  • We will hold monthly Gathers in 2021. Sarah: “We know how to make community even when we can’t be together.” George: “We discovered that we can build community online. We don’t need to be on campus to feel our community. This does work.”
  • Lots more online courses are on the way!
  • What makes some of the programs unique; learning your process by taking classes; and investing in yourself, whether you’ve been published or not.
  • In-person courses will return when they can be safely done, with flexibility about registrations, cancelling and rescheduling.
  • On-campus personal retreats will return in late spring–and you might find yourself in one of our “themed” cabins, like Jane Yolen’s or Floyd Cooper’s.
  • The scholarship program is the heart of the Highlights Foundation community: introducing our Special Scholarships for 2021.

A note from Sarah to all our friends who haven’t yet taken a course with us:
“If you want guidance in your writing or illustrating, that’s what you’ll get here. If you want a community, that’s what you’ll get. You will discover something about your story if you come to a class. I promise you!”

Find out more about 2021 Special Scholarships.

Watch the Gather:

Posted on: January 28, 2021

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