Wheeler Whole Novel Workshop 50+ Award

The Whole Novel Workshop +50 Award is a merit-based award that provides funds to support a scholarship for an unpublished, middle-grade writer, 50 years of age or older for a Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop.

This annual award is intended to encourage older writers, who perhaps see writing for middle grade as an encore career or who seek encouragement as they continue pursuing their writing goals.

Please check our workshops page to see when the Whole Novel Workshops will be offered this year.

The Whole Novel Workshop is specifically designed for writers of middle-grade and young adult novels. This unique program offers the one-to-one attention found in degree programs, without additional academic requirements, lengthy time commitments, or prohibitive financial investments. Our aim is to focus on a specific work-in-progress, moving a novel to the next level in preparation for submission to agents or publishers. Focused attention in an intimate setting makes this mentorship program one that guarantees significant progress.

Wheeler Whole Novel Workshop 50+ Award

To donate by check, make a check payable to: The Highlights Foundation, and send it to: The Highlights Foundation, 814 Court Street, Honesdale, PA 18431.  You can reference the name of the scholarship fund in the memo line.

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