Tell Your Story: Chapter Books & Early Readers

Do you remember the first time you read a book all by yourself? Do you want to bring joy and confidence to readers who are picking up a book on their own for the very first time?

In between the read-aloud world of picture books and the more challenging world of middle grade novels lies an exciting spectrum of fiction and nonfiction for beginning readers. These early readers and first chapter books spark a love of independent reading and build confidence in brand-new readers.

If you’re excited about writing for beginning readers, we can help you zero in on where your work – fiction, nonfiction, or both – fits in and learn what makes the best books for this age group successful.

Yellow background with note paper accents that says: I Leared a LOT and it was authentically helpful. It felt like they were sharing their knowedge and experiences as supportive mentors who wanted to help new authors coming up behind them.

A Crash Course in Children's Book Publishing

This course covers all aspects of children’s book publishing, from genres and types of books to working with a publisher (and everything in between). Material will be covered via live Zoom sessions and pre-recorded content.

You’ll also have access to weekly live office hours with faculty, and a 1:1 consultation after the course.

Inspiring Children Through Story

“My picture book … deals with parents separating. One little boy, who parents recently divorced, went to bed with [it] many nights. This deeply moved me to know this picture book helped this little boy.

“I tutor 2nd grade reluctant readers. My understanding of picture book structure and prose allows me to help them learn more than words. Rather than just read the story, we talk about it.”

“You mean I get to keep this book forever?”

…Spoken by a child in tears who was gifted with one of my books at a school visit and had never owned a book before.

“When I hear kids giggle while I’m reading [my book] I feel like I’ve done the job I intended to do.

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