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Breaking the narrative of racism is an on-going process. This listing of resources is a place to begin, and will be added to as resources are shared.

Dear Reader,
At the Highlights Foundation, we hold DIVERSITY as one of our core values. We are committed to diversity in craft, storytelling, shared stories and experiences. We strive for diverse representation in our faculty, staff, students, and partnerships. By fostering forward-moving dialogues, we encourage personal and institutional growth through education, awareness, and action.

We know we have much work to continue to do to live up to these values. Please join us in your own personal journey towards becoming anti-racist.

This is not a comprehensive guide. Rather it is meant to be a starting point, or one resource for people interested in doing the work to become anti-racist. This is meant to be one part of your understanding of the societal constructs of racism as they occur in children’s literature and the children’s publishing industry.

    Articles of Interest:

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    We will continue to build our resource list over the coming months, years, decades. Educating ourselves and our organization about inclusivity and anti-racist behavior must also take place over the coming days, months, years, and decades. We hope that you’ll help us add to this resource list with articles, podcasts, and critical dialogue. As with our online and in-person courses, please know that we will not tolerate hate, harm, or harassment in the chats, discussions, or shared resources.

    We are in this together.

    Amplify the good.

    Hate has no place here.

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