Tell Your Story: Poetry

Good poetry for children connects them with their emotions, serves as a bridge between cultures, promotes language learning, helps them learn to read and enriches the school curriculum.

Poetry contains emotionally charged words, uses only a few words to say a great deal, is melodic – sings as it says, contains rhythm repetition and rhyme, captures the essence of a concept, has layers of meaning, and is the natural language of childhood.

Maybe you’d like to begin writing poetry for children, or you have some poems and want to learn more about how to get them+ published. Whichever it is, we believe your poems can inspire children, and we’d love to help.

Workshops for Poets

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Inspiring Children Through Story

“My picture book … deals with parents separating. One little boy, who parents recently divorced, went to bed with [it] many nights. This deeply moved me to know this picture book helped this little boy.

“I tutor 2nd grade reluctant readers. My understanding of picture book structure and prose allows me to help them learn more than words. Rather than just read the story, we talk about it.”

“You mean I get to keep this book forever?”

…Spoken by a child in tears who was gifted with one of my books at a school visit and had never owned a book before.

“When I hear kids giggle while I’m reading [my book] I feel like I’ve done the job I intended to do.

Poetry Resources

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with Nikki Grimes and Sarah Aronson

The Magic of Metaphor

by Georgia Heard & Rebecca Kai Dotlich

A Jar of Tiny Stars
Writing Poetry for Children

by Bernice Cullinan

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Breaking into the Educational Market

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Celebrating Laura Ruby

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One Poet’s Story: Rebecca Kai Dotlich

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