Sarah Aronson

Sarah Aronson

Sarah Aronson began writing for kids and teens when someone in an exercise class dared her to try. Since then, she has earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and published the following books for kids and teens: Head Case, Beyond Lucky, and Believe, a young MG series, The Wish List as well as Just Like Rube Goldberg, illustrated by Robert Neubecker and Brand New Bubbe, illustrated by Ariel Landy. Watch for a picture book biography of Bella Abzug, called Abzuglutely! (Calkins Creek, Astra Publishing).

When Sarah is not writing or reading (or making great soup or riding her bike), she is talking to readers about creativity, writing, social action, and of course, sparkle power! She loves working with other writers in one of her classes at the amazing Highlights Foundation, SCBWI, or Writers on the Net. Warning: When she gets really excited, she makes funny faces and talks with her hands. Don’t be shocked if she talks about the power of play. She lives in Chicago, Illinois Like tips? Sign up for her weekly newsletter:

“My confidence as a writer was restored by Sarah Aronson.”

“Sarah is a giving person. She is a good teacher. She shared all info she knew and made us think. She shared her good and bad experiences with writing which made us realize  frustration at getting stuck is a natural part of the writing process. She gave us the courage to create with joy without feeling stressed about publication.”

“Sarah  was BRILLIANT.  The content of her lectures went above and beyond the sort of level or quality you often get in writing classes, but she made sure that everyone felt welcome – whether they were experienced writers or beginners.”

“Sarah went above and beyond to provide brilliant feedback.  Her assignments, lectures, and Q & A opportunities were incredibly helpful.”

I took the Whole Novel Workshop with Sarah Aronson and I found her to be a kind, dedicated workshop leader. She truly cares about each participant and the success of their projects. I still use some of her methods as I continue to revise the novel I worked on while at Highlights.

Sarah is caring, asks the right questions at the right time, and is the world’s best cheerleader for keeping a person encouraged about their work. At the Getting to Know Your Novel workshop, she truly changed my life by giving me the courage to pull my old, tired manuscript out of the drawer. Since then, she has been supportive as I reinvented it, challenged me to take chances, and has minced no words when I needed to hear the truth. In short, Sarah is truly one of a kind and a gift to many!

“Don’t miss the opportunity to take “Getting to Know Your Character” with Sarah Aronson. Having her as a teacher for the first time years ago launched my writing journey and inspired me to never stop learning and never give up. She has boundless wisdom to share, joyful generosity of spirit, sincere enthusiasm for all of her students’ projects, and a knack for asking just the right questions.”

“Sarah is a thoughtful teacher who is generous with her time. She truly cares about her students!”

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