#HFGather: Sarah Aronson and Susan Campbell Bartoletti–Story is the Boss

On this week’s #HFGather, Sarah Aronson hosted Susan Campbell Bartoletti and surprise guest editor Jill Davis! Susan and Jill talked about creating their new book, How Women Won the Vote: Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and Their Big Idea. Many nonfiction gems were gleaned from their chat:

  • Story is the boss: you have to follow what serves your story best
  • Sometimes the tiniest details are the ones that bring the story to life
  • The importance of journaling and storyboarding
  • Kids are interested in the secret lives of adults
  • Are there topics that are “too tough” for children’s books?
  • From Jill: the most important job of an editor is collaboration
  • Deciding if your story idea is yours to tell

If you missed the live webinar, watch it here:

If you can’t see the video on this page, follow this link to our Youtube channel.

Posted on: May 13, 2020

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