#HFGather: Illustrator Inspiration from Shadra Strickland & Kelly Light

Our first Illustrator Gather was fabulous! Shadra Strickland and Kelly Light made us laugh and talked about:

  • Their illustration practice, process, craft books and tools
  • How important it is to find 15 minutes a day to write or draw right now–to keep things percolating
  • Not getting “too precious” with early drafts–just get it out of your head
  • How important it is, if you draw for children, to be in touch with the part of you that never grew up
  • Feeding your creativity with corkboard on your walls
  • Using playlists to make your brain go to the right place, that fits what you’re working on
  • Practicing your style, the natural way that YOU draw

Shadra also read a poem to use as an illustration prompt. If you do it, be sure and share it with us @HighlightsFound on Twitter and Instragram, and use #HFGather!

If you missed the live webinar, watch it here:

If you can’t see the video on this page, follow this link to our Youtube channel.

Posted on: March 27, 2020

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