Write the Novel Only YOU Can: A Two-Night Mini

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Join author and writing motivator Sarah Aronson for a short course to spark the start of your 2024 novel. Sarah will bring her wealth of care and knowledge to help you discover how YOU are the heart of the next novel you tell.

January 16 @ 7:00 pm - January 18 @ 7:00 pm




A Two-Night Mini Online Course

Join author and writing motivator Sarah Aronson for a short course to spark the start of your 2024 novel. Sarah will bring her wealth of care and knowledge to help you discover how YOU are the heart of the next novel you tell.

This program is a great fit if you’re looking for a short course of two, 75-minute sessions offering limited interaction with the community, but a lot of information (with opportunities for creativity).

(Though this course will touch on plotting, we recommend our START NOW: PLOTTING YOUR 2024 Novel for a more in-depth look at plotting and outlining. This would be an excellent companion to Sarah’s mini.)

  • Tuesday, January 16, 2024 (7pm – 8:15pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, January 18, 2024 (7pm – 8:15pm Eastern)
  • Webinar-style program with closed captioning available and limited interaction in the chat
  • You’ll have access to the recordings through February 29, 2024.

Why This Workshop?

If writing a novel is one of your 2024 goals, then begin the new year with this short course from Sarah Aronson.

Over the course of two sessions, she’ll bring together her personal experiences with a vast set of teaching tools from longer Highlights Foundation courses like The Whole Novel Workshop, Just Do It!, and Getting to Know Your Novel.

In the process, she’ll cover two core truths of writing a novel:

  • THEME & What YOU Bring to Your Novel. Your emotions and experiences illuminate the core of stories that only you can tell. Learn how your novel’s theme draws on these experiences, to create a story that readers need (and can’t put down).
  • Main Characters, Point of View, & YOUR Voice. Following a character through a novel takes engagement that comes from a compelling voice.  That voice is created by you and the novel’s point of view. Learn ways to amplify the voice of your novel, and celebrate the main character you’ve developed.

You’ll also:

  • Engage in writing exercises (and take more with you for later!)
  • Collect examples for further review
  • Have the opportunity to ask Sarah your questions!

Feedback Expected

  • None included in the course. There will be limited interaction in the chat feature of the webinar-style program. (Bring something to write on and write with for the in-course exercises.)

It’s a Great Fit for…

  • Novelists (middle grade or YA) or chapter book writers. Even if you’ve previously written a novel, this short course will inspire you to get to the heart of your 2024 project and begin!
  • Those who have an idea or outline, but lack direction for the creative next steps. If you have a character that you know you want to write about, or an outline you’ve sketched without scenes attached to it, or even started and stopped a draft in progress, this course will offer you new ways to engage with creating (and sticking to) your 2024 work-in-progress.
  • Those who feel stuck. Sometimes we need a guide on this solo endeavor. While Sarah knows that only YOU can tell your story, she is an excellent guide, motivator, and champion of writers and stories that need a gentle push!
  • Those who have taken an outlining and/or plotting course (such as START NOW: PLOTTING YOUR 2024 Novel).
  • Those who are looking for something short, sweet, and smart! This is not a full workshop, instead it is two, 75-minute sessions meant to set your 2024 novel-writing goals in motion.

Tentative Agenda

At registration: You will receive a Zoom link to use each night of the course.


If you are unable to attend either session for any reason, you’ll have access to the recordings (with closed captioning) through February 29, 2024.

Please note that if you register for the course after the start of the first session, you will not receive recordings immediately.  You’ll receive both recordings after the close of the last session, usually within 24 hours.

All Times are Eastern Standard Time.

Part One: Tuesday, January 16, 2024 (7pm-8:15pm Eastern)
  • Introduction: Why Now? Why You?
  • Presentation: THEME & What YOU Bring to Your Novel
  • Writing Exercises (one in the moment & one to take with you!)
Part Two: Thursday, January 18, 2024 (7pm-8:15pm Eastern)
  • Introduction: Share celebrations & discoveries in the chat!
  • Presentation: Point of View: Main Character & YOU
  • Writing Exercises (one in the moment & one to take with you!)
  • Open Q & A

How It Impacts Kids

Your novel can make a difference in a child’s life. Get support to know and understand your own story, so you can bring it to children and young adults.

Testimonials from Our Community

“Sarah’s warmth, generosity, responsiveness, and great insights made this class one of the most outstanding I have ever taken. She set not only the structure but most importantly the tone that made this workshop so successful.”

“Sarah is a thoughtful teacher who is generous with her time. She truly cares about her students!”

“Keep the mini courses going for those of us that can’t attend at the Highlights Foundation Campus! It helps us stay in touch and keep our skills growing!!”

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January 16 @ 7:00 pm - January 18 @ 7:00 pm




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