Online Workshop Technology

Mini Courses

Short courses (genearlly one or two night mini-courses and #HFGathers) are all held on Zoom.  You’ll get a link upon registration for the webinars.

Closed captioning is available and there limited interaction in the chat.  Participant microphones and video are disabled.

If you register but aren’t able to attend the live sessions, you’ll get access to the recordings after.

Longer Online Workshops

Longer courses (generally 3+ day online workshops) all use an online platform called Canvas.

If you are new to the Highlights Foundation (or to Canvas) you’ll receive a new enrollment email before your course, confirming that we have created an account for you.  This usually occurs about a week before the workshop, or when otherwise noted.

If you’ve already taken a class on Canvas, you won’t receive this “new enrollment” email.  If you already have an account with us on Canvas, you’ll simply receive an email inviting you into the class.  Like new enrollments, this usually occurs about a week before the workshop, or when otherwise noted.

Live sessions in longer courses are also conducted on Zoom, but you’ll recieve a link to use for the course in Canvas.  In these courses, participant microphones and video are generally available for interaction when needed, but you may mute or disable them as you wish.

Example of a Zoom Link email:

HFGather example

Example of intro text in the Canvas classrom (you will learn more once you enter the classroom):

Canvas home page

Workshops for Writers & Illustrators

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> In-Person
> On-Demand (Self-Paced Online)

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Visiting Our Campus

Our campus (The Barn at Boyds Mills) is tucked away in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  It's a few hours from both New York City and Philadelphia, but worlds away from everyday life.

Line drawing of the Barn at Boyds Mills

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The Highlights Foundation positively impacts children by amplifying the voices of storytellers who inform, educate, and inspire children to become their best selves.  Learn more about our impact.

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