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Pamela Courtney

Pam’s Louisiana upbringing inspired her 2025 spring publication: A Season of Fishin’—A Fish Fry Tradition, Macmillan (FSG) and nurtured her life’s passion of writing, teaching, and enjoying culturally diverse music. Combining these loves, Pam created MyLMNOP, a literacy and music program for early learners. With nearly three decades as an early childhood practitioner and elementary school teacher, Pam brings the eyes of an educator to each narrative she crafts, as she engages children in history, folklore, and the mysticism of her rural Louisiana culture. “My duty is great,” states Pam. “I’m a writer who teaches. I’m a teacher who writes.” Pam is the recipient of a We Need Diverse Books Mentorship, a Highlights Foundation Diversity Fellowship, and the We Need Diverse Books Walter Dean Myers Grant. Pam created and maintains the We Need Diverse Books Mentees Facebook group: WNDB Alum—Better Together. She also serves on the faculty for the Highlights Foundation.

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