Celebrating Rhonda Roumani’s Book Birthday!

Nov 8, 2023 | Community Good News, Muslim Storytellers, The Highlights Foundation Experience

Rhonda Roumani joined Cat Galeano of the Highlights Foundation on Instagram Live to celebrate the publication of her new book, TAGGING FREEDOM.  We are happy to have Rhonda as a part of our community, and our Muslim Storytellers Fellowship has played a big part in her creative journey. Watch the conversation:


Kareem Haddad of Damascus, Syria, never dreamed of becoming a graffiti artist. But when a group of boys from another town tag subversive slogans outside their school, and another boy is killed while in custody, Kareem and his friends are inspired and start secretly tagging messages of freedom around their city. Meanwhile, in the United States, his cousin, Samira, has been trying to make her own mark. Anxious to fit in at school, she joins the Spirit Squad where her natural artistic ability attracts the attention of the popular squad leader. Then Kareem is sent to live with Sam’s family, and their worlds collide. As graffitied messages appear around town and all eyes turn to Kareem, Sam must make a choice: does she shy away to protect her new social status, or does she stand with Kareem? Learn more about Rhonda and order the book from Possible Futures here. Publishers Weekly: 4 Questions for Rhonda Roumani Look for Rhonda at these events:

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