The Business Side of Children’s Book Illustration: Some Conversations

Apr 17, 2023 | Illustration, The Business of Publishing

We’re excited to bring back Pat Cummings and Harold Underdown for an Illustrator’s Edition of our Crash Course in Children’s Publishing. At the end of this 9-week course, you will understand how the children’s book publishing industry works for illustrators and author/illustrators, including ways to build your portfolio and engage with art-directors.

To get you thinking about the business side of illustrating books for children, we’re sharing some of our #HFGather Illustrator Chats.

Income Streams for Children’s Book Illustrators

Illustrators Pat Cummings, Shadra Strickland, Xindi Yan and Rudy Gutierrez talk about all the different kinds of work they’ve done; online ways to earn or find income; how to come up with pricing, and more.

The Storied Career of Diane Dillon

Pat Cummings chats with Diane Dillon  about her long and illustrious career; creative collaboration; illustrating other cultures; matching the style to the story; and doing what it takes to get the job done.

On Agents for Illustrators: Pat Cummings, Shadra Strickland & Sarah Jung

The three illustrators discuss giving/getting illustrator feedback; how to go about finding an agent, and the importance of checking their references; staying dedicated; and advocating for yourself even if you have an agent.

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