#HFGather: Celebrating 2021 with Staff and Community

Dec 21, 2021 | HFGather, The Highlights Foundation Experience

We had so much fun celebrating our highlights of 2021! Virtual visitors joined us from India (hi, Steve!), Mexico (hello, Yuko!) and all over the U.S. Everyone on the Highlights Foundation Team had things to share, and we were all humbled by the stories shared by our community about our impact on them.

If you missed the live #HFGather, you can watch it here:

Here’s something we loved: Yuko Torii made this great sketch and tweeted it after the #HFGather:
Yuko Torii Gather Drawing

Thanks, Yuko! You can find more about Yuko:
On Twitter: @AtelierMidnight
On Instagram: @midnight_atelier

Who’s who in the drawing:
1: Alison Green Myers
2: Cat Galeano
3: Alex Villasante
4: Rona Shirdan
5: Molly Chao
6: Emily Rosenthal
7: George Brown
8: Bobbie Combs
9: Christina Ousouljolgou
10: Jo Lloyd
11: Christina Ahren

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