Write or Illustrate a Children’s Book: 8 Articles to Help You Get Started

Jul 11, 2019 | For Beginners

Many of our workshop attendees are not full-time writers or illustrators. They are busy excelling in their careers and/or tending to daily family life–and yet, at the back of their mind, a little voice keeps saying “I want to write a children’s book” or “How hard is it to illustrate a picture book?”

If you’re familiar with that voice, check out the articles below about how to get started.

How to Write a Children’s Book: Get Started With These 5 Steps
Quick tips for getting off on the right foot! Read more.

Investing in Your Writing
Investing in your writing takes more than just carving out time and tapping a string of words into a keyboard. It’s about finding ways to help put your best manuscript forward. Read more.

7 Quick Tips for Beginning Children’s Writers
1. Work on your manuscript: Writing the perfect query letter and targeting just the right publisher or agent is useless if the story isn’t ready. Read more.

The Top 10 Myths About Writing Children’s Books
Myth #1: Children’s books are easy to write. Myth #2: If I write a picture book, I have to illustrate it too (or hire an illustrator.)
Read more.

Writing Books for Kids is Hard, But You Can Totally Do It
Writing for young children must be simple but not dumbed down, clever but not too complex, approachable but not obvious. And you have to do it all in a couple hundred words. Easy, right? Read more

5 Ways to Get Out of the Slush Pile and Get Your Children’s Book Manuscript Read
So how can you get out of the “slush pile,” the publishing term for the hundreds of manuscripts received by publishers each day? There is no 100% guaranteed sure-fire way, but here are some things you can do that can help your manuscript get read. Read more.

Is Your Children’s Story Ready to Submit to a Magazine?
So you’ve written a potentially award-winning story and are eager to get it published by a children’s magazine. You’ve researched the magazines that are perfectly suited for it. Now, you’re ready to submit! Read more.

How to Start Revising That First Draft
The first draft of your manuscript is done! What next? Most writers know that it’s not really done, and that in fact they need to revise. But where to start? How to start? Read more.

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