2024 Art Wall Installation Features Powwow Day

Jun 14, 2024 | Art Wall, Native Creatives, The Highlights Foundation Experience

We are excited to celebrate the 2024 Art Wall at the Barn at Boyds Mills!

This year’s installation celebrates POWWOW DAY, written by Traci Sorell and iIllustrated by Madelyn Goodnight.

Andrea Page (at right) was among the first to see it on campus when it was unveiled in May. She says:

When I walked into the Barn to greet Alison and others for the workshop, my eyes were pulled immediately toward the wall and its vibrant artwork. Then I recognized that it was Traci’s book. Maddie’s artwork is stunning as it takes up the whole wall.


The illustrations invite you into the gathering place at Highlights. I couldn’t take my eyes off the panels. I was thrilled for Traci and Maddie, that their work was displayed for everyone to enjoy. I took a quick picture and sent it to Traci right way, congratulating her and Maddie.


It was the perfect way to start my workshop, inspired by POWWOW DAY, having other Native Creatives take “center stage”- reminding me to persevere. Writing for children is challenging. Everyone needs to find their own path. It’s nice to see others succeed. It’s motivating for me.


I’ll never forget walking into the Barn that day, feeling in awe of the progress Traci has made in her career. She is one of many Native authors who lead the way for all of us. And I’m so grateful for the encouraging community built by Highlights and their commitment to making sure all people feel welcome.

Learn more about the Art Wall and the book (including the role Cabin 7 played in its development) here.

And thank you, Traci and Madelyn, for sharing your work with us and inspiring kids through this beautiful story.

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