The Nature of Things at a Highlights Foundation Workshop

Jul 7, 2016 | The Highlights Foundation Experience

Writer Jan Annino joined us for a Novels in Verse workshop, and had these nice things to say about her time with us:

flowersBecause our little yellow cottage is 30 minutes from a Gulf of Mexico marsh that shelters rare whooping cranes in winter, I forget that other places, like Pennsylvania, can also be stunning.

This article is a glimpse of the nature that I dwelt in at a May 2016 Highlights Foundation Workshop for Children’s Writers & Illustrators.

Yes, five days of focus on novels-in-verse led by Kathryn Erskine and Alma Fullerton boosted my messy book. I emerged with a scaffolding I can hang parts of it on, in hopes of crafting a better whole. These leaders & the Highlights support staff are nourishing; I want to attend any session with them there, again.

As much as I am attacking my book and reviewing 23 pages of notes from lively lectures and one-on-one mentoring, I like to remember the days with images I took at this retreat. Here are a few. Note: poem and photos ©Jan Godown Annino, all rights reserved.

Nest robin
By Jan Annino

by the green grass
buttercups nod outside
a glowing wood box

peopled with spirits
of readers, artists, poetscabin journal
who leave
a mark

indigo bunting
Baltimore oriole
robin flash past

chittering creatures drink creek mist
dew from spoon leaf
of lily
of the valley

a writer tastes pansies
inhales words of wisdom
touches back to red pillow red pillow
lettered “H”

H for Highlights
H for help
H for herculean task ahead
H for happy


For more from Jan about her Highlights experience, see her blog post on GROG.

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