Feel That “Buzz” When You Have the Right Form for Your Story

Kathi AppeltHave you ever been working on a manuscript and suddenly feel that flash of intuition that tells you: something’s not working?

Award-winning author Kathi Appelt wants writers to pay attention to “the role that intuition plays when you’re working on a story.”

Feeling & Form Suzanne LangerWe recently talked with Kathi about her interest in form and how she got the idea for the workshop. It all started back in college with Suzanne Langer’s book Feeling and Form. “Suzanne says that form can evoke a particular emotion,” Kathi explained. After reading the book, “I’d been interested in form all these years–but I’ve also had personal experience in getting into the middle of a text and discovering that I’m barking up the wrong tree, not using the right form for this.”

“When you have the right form, it’s almost like there’s a buzz that occurs,” Kathi said. “What we want to do at this workshop is to help writers break open something really new that they didn’t see before–something that was hiding because it wasn’t in the right form.”

Watch the video for more insight into form:

Posted on: October 3, 2019

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