#Kidlit Illustrators Share Tips & Tricks: 6 Articles

We love our community of #kidlit illustrators, both faculty and students. Here are some blog posts that celebrate the art of–well, making art!


True Confessions of a Picture Book Illustrator

In two blog posts, Elizabeth Rose Stanton comes to some peace with her issues, including her “colored pencil problem” and her realization that “my supply of watercolors will probably outlive me.” Read Part 1, and then read Part 2. Be ready to laugh!

Crafting Your Picture Book Dummy

Lisa Cinelli gives you step-by-step instructions for how to create a picture book dummy, ready for submission. Find out how!

Robert Blake's sketchbooks

Let the Book Come to You

Robert Blake shares his best practices for using journals and sketchbooks. Can you believe he has 25,000 pages in his personal sketchbook library?Read about them here.

Graphic Novelists Need to Write in Pictures

Matt Phelan shares his particular method for creating comics. Find out what it is

Don Tate sketches

Get It Right With Research

Don Tate shares the process he went through to get the details right for his nonfictionpicture book biography about the creator of the Super Soaker water gun. Glimpse his process here.

Making Readers Say “I Love This Book!”

Lindsay Barrett George wants you to make a connection with a reader that makes them say “I LOVE this book.” Plus, she can make readers turn the page. Watch the video.

Posted on: May 15, 2019

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