Brittany J. Thurman

Brittany J. Thurman has always listened in on the stories told by her grandmother. These same stories hold space in her writing today. Brittany holds an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University, where she studied Dramatic Writing. She also has a BA from Kingston University, London, England, where she studied theater. Brittany was born in Louisville, Kentucky, where she currently resides. She has also lived around the world, from London to Germany, North Carolina and Pittsburgh.

Her picture book, Fly, from Caitlyn Dlouhy Books debuts March 1, 2022.

When Brittany isn’t writing she’s thinking about writing. When she’s not thinking about writing, you can find her bike riding along Louisville’s waterfront.

You can find Brittany at www.brittanythurman.com, or visit her on Twitter @janeebrittany. Instagram @britjanee