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Storyteller: Pamela M. Tuck

Pamela M. Tuck is an award-winning author and mother of 11 children. She credits her writing to her upbringing surrounded by southern storytellers. Her family inspires many of her stories. Pamela is the author of Mother of Many, As Fast as Words Could Fly, Color Struck, Sheldon, The Mushroom, and over 30 nonfiction and fiction leveled reading books that she has written in her role as writer/editor with the American Reading Company.

On writing for children:

“WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKS. Children need to see themselves reflected in the books they read. With the Windows and Mirrors concept, The Brown Bookshelf’s mission will fulfill that purpose of reflecting brown and Black children’s voices back to them and opening up a window for other children to learn, appreciate and value Black voices and stories.”

What was the most valuable or memorable experience of AMPLIFY for you?

My most memorable experience of Amplify was being given the empowering space to connect with creators who share my passion to inspire, enlighten, and entertain young readers through diverse children’s books. The information shared from the guest speakers was invaluable. The knowledge I gained about marketing strategies to find and/or create channels to market my work was invaluable. I felt blessed to be a part of such an empowering workshop. Sincere thanks to the Highlights Foundation, The Brown Bookshelf, all the guest speakers, and my fellow children’s book creators for your contributions and insights.

Pamela Tuck

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“I hope my books offer inspiration, encourage each reader to embrace diversity, and have the courage to make a difference.”

Colorstruck by Pamela Tuck
Sheldon the Mushroom

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