Leah Henderson

Storyteller: Leah Henderson

Leah Henderson is the author of the middle-grade novels The Magic in Changing Your Stars and One Shadow on the Wall. Her picture books include Together We March, A Day for Rememberin’, Daddy Speaks Love, and the forthcoming Your Voice, Your Vote. She holds an MFA in writing and is on faculty in Spalding University’s School of Creative and Professional Writing.

On writing for children:

“I often think about how my stories might engage and touch a young reader, and my ultimate hope is that they will empower a young person to live, and possibly act. And that action can encompass so many different things, but at the center, I hope there is empowerment and the feeling of being seen and heard and wanting to share more of who we are.”

What was the most valuable or memorable experience of AMPLIFY for you?

Learning and growing alongside other Black creatives was such an enriching part of the experience – one I cherish. I am so appreciative of the opportunity and the insights.

“Stories Spread Wings…”

Leah Henderson

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