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Stacy Wells

Stacy likes to read. A lot. So much so, her husband and children must constantly remind her of their names and positions in the family (she has a habit of confusing them with literary characters).

Anne of Green Gables sparked a love of reading that hasn’t let up since third grade. You see, she saw pieces of herself reflected in Anne’s often-misunderstood character—not to mention her stubborn, passionate, and loyal-to-a-fault nature.

Due to her love of reading, Stacy also grew to love writing. A lot. Since she was always lost in a book, she thought to get lost in her own stories too.

Stacy is a member of the Choctaw Nation, and a children’s librarian. When not reading or writing (or recommending books), she lives life to the fullest in North Texas with her family, which includes a red dog named Blu and two very adorable but very mischievous ferrets.

For writing inquiries please contact Savannah Brooks at KT Literary.

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