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Debbie TaylorStoryteller: Debbie Ann Taylor

Debbie Ann Taylor is an author of picture books, including Sweet Music in Harlem (Lee and Low), Over in Motown (Fifth Avenue Press), and nine books for an educational series. Her short stories for children appear in magazines including Cricket, Spider, New Moon, and Pockets. Taylor’s interest in writing contemporary and historical fiction was sparked before she mastered cursive writing. Her visits to nature preserves, museums, and botanical gardens provide a rich source of the material. A native of Columbus, Ohio, she relocated to Ann Arbor thirty years ago and worked for decades to increase diversity in STEM fields as a staff member at the University of Michigan.

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Debbie On Writing for Children:

“I am interested in writing for children because I know the power of language and the meaningful effect that books have. I write books to enrich their lives, broaden their knowledge and instill that love of language. I am also interested in creating books that will give voice to characters often absent from children’s literature, especially women in STEM and working-class characters. Such books will promote resilience and fortitude, but will also that wonder and joy. Children need books that satisfy and fortify them and that will challenge and empower them. My books can also help children recognize their unique gifts and allow readers to realize their own value and power.”

Over in MotownSweet Music in Harlem


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