Cathy Ann Johnson-Conforto

Storyteller: Cathy Ann Johnson-Conforto

Cathy Ann Johnson-Conforto is Director, Designer, Illustrator, and owner of Luv-it Studio, based in charming downtown Decatur, GA. With years of working within the walls of organizational boundaries, she embraced leaving the corporate gray cubicle and courageously set out to design a nontraditional, “boundary-less” studio. In an economy designed for innovation and change, (before Covid 19), traditional working platforms were fading fast. Boxing up years of experience from Hallmark greeting cards, advertising agencies, and digital design studios, she successfully carved out a creative place for herself. Growing up in a family who owned and operated a childcare business made her transition to designing children’s products seamless. She works in a range of styles and loves connecting words to pictures. Her whimsy and lyrical work focuses on layouts that echo a child’s perspective. Her work has appeared in children’s books, magazines, posters, gifts, and more. She currently enjoys the freedom of working in her Decatur, GA studio as well as her satellite studio in Rome, Italy. In her spare time, she is with her husband and doggie and enjoys roaming Rome, chasing castles in medieval towns, food, culture, history, and the arts.

On writing for children:

“It’s important that we control our own narrative. Have a voice in the content that is being created on multiple fronts, including film, social networks, books, and ongoing branded communication that mirror images to our children.”

Cathy Ann Johnson- Conforto

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