Bryan Patrick Avery

Storyteller: Bryan Patrick Avery

Bryan Patrick Avery writes poems and stories for children, including the picture book The Freeman Field Photograph, the early chapter book series Mr. Grizley’s Class, and the middle grade mysteries Off Base and Soccer Suspicions. His newest release is the middle grade nonfiction book Black Men in Science.

Bryan is the 2021 recipient of the SCBWI Work in Progress Award for his chapter book mystery THE ROBOT IN THE LIBRARY.

Bryan serves on the board of directors of the northern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. He lives in northern California with his family.

On writing for children:

“In literature, we can create a view of the world that shows us all as equals, breaks down barriers, and imagines a future that is equitable for all. When children read these stories, they begin to accept a world that is different than what they see today. It is my goal to show young readers that children of color (particularly Black children) aren’t simply fighting racism and oppression. They can also solve mysteries, defeat dragons, and travel the universe.”

What was the most valuable or memorable experience of AMPLIFY for you?

Writing can often be a very solitary pursuit. It was a joy to have the opportunity to come together with other Black authors to both learn from and celebrate one other.

Bryan Patrick Avery

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“Writing is an act of resistance. Every poem, every story, every book declares that our experiences matter,
our stories matter, we matter.”

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