Amplify Black Stories: Sponsorship Opportunities

The Brown Bookshelf Presents: Amplify Black Stories

A Year of Connection for Black Storytellers & Bridge-Building for
Children’s Book Publishing Professionals to Amplify Black Stories

In partnership with the Highlights Foundation, the Brown Bookshelf presents this year-long program set to amplify Black stories, with a focus on supporting Black storytellers while confronting industry challenges and fostering change. There will be two cohorts/tracks in the program: one for Black creators and one for publishing professionals.
You can find full details about the program here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Brown BookshelfYou can support this program in these ways:

  1. Funding Black Creators to participate. There will be no cost to Black Creators and they can apply here.
  2. Empowering and funding staff to participate.
  3. Supporting the Brown Bookshelf and Highlights Foundation collaboration to dismantle the systems of racism that exist within the children’s publishing industry.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • A clear demonstration of your commitment to Black creators and their work.
  • Your house’s name and logo will be included on materials/promotion related to the program.
  • Professional development for both Black creators and your staff.
  • Mutual success as Black creators flourish.

Sponsorship Levels
Sustain: $12,500

  • Fund up to four creators for this program
  • Empower and fund up to four staff for this program
  • Provide an additional named scholarship for two unpublished Black Creators to attend another Highlights Foundation program that matches your mission

Fortify: $10,000

  • Fund up to four creators for this program
  • Empower and fund up to four staff for this program

Partner: $5,000

  • Fund up to two creators for this program
  • Empower and fund up to two staff for this program

Strengthen: $2,500

  • Fund one creator for this program
  • Empower and fund one staff for this program


  • Black Creator Track: $1,500
  • Publisher Track: $1,000

See current sponsors below.

Sign up and pay online here or contact us to receive an invoice at Or mail a check to Highlights Foundation, 814 Court Street, Honesdale PA 18431 and include Brown Bookshelf Presents in the memo. Thank you for your support.

Program Sponsors

Partner Level Sponsors

Benchmark Education     Bloomsbury     Highlights

Strengthen Level Sponsors

Stimola Literary Studio     Charlesbridge Publishing     Workman
Newmark Learning     Reycraft Books     Andrea Brown Literary

Support Level Sponsors

Boyds Mills and Kane     Children's Book Council     Lerner     Just Us Books     Renee Watson     Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency

The Highlights Foundation positively impacts children by amplifying the voices of storytellers who inform, educate, and inspire children to become their best selves.