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We are proud to announce the James Cross Giblin Scholarship Fund. Read all about it.

There are many ways to support the Highlights Foundation Scholarship Program.

The Highlights Foundation welcomes and appreciates donations at all levels in support of the important work of the scholarship program. All gifts to the Foundation will help to provide funding for full and partial scholarships extended to qualified candidates.

Endowment Fund
Your gifts of cash, securities, or other assets may be applied to your choice among the Highlights Foundation Endowment Funds or to establish an entirely new fund. Gifts to any Highlights Foundation Endowment Fund are restricted, that is, they become principal for that fund and are not expended. Only interest earned is available for scholarships in any year. There are a number of Endowment funds that support writers each year. In addition to general funds, there are named funds, including funds honoring:

Richard H. Bell
Patricia M. Broderick
Edward Keating
Jack Myers
Pam Conrad
Jerome Weisman
Nancy Edwards

Planned Giving
There are many possibilities that fall under this heading. Deferred giving through bequests, trusts, life insurance, and other options can provide future funds to the Foundation, permitting you to make a gift now of much greater ultimate value than you could make in cash at this time. Gifts of real estate may involve tax benefits to you. We would be delighted to discuss any of these options with you. The Highlights Foundation welcomes the establishment of new Endowment Funds or Scholarships in honor of donors’ friends or relatives or in memory of loved ones. To make a CONTRIBUTION to the Highlights Foundation Scholarship Program, or to discuss establishing an ENDOWMENT FUND or an ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP, or any aspect of PLANNED GIVING, please contact:

George Brown, Executive Director, The Highlights Foundation at 570-253-1192 or at

The Highlights Foundation, Inc., is a publicly supported organization chartered under Internal Revenue Code Section 501C3.
All contributions are tax deductible.