Our Workshop “Highlights”: A Poem

Mark Malcolm visited us for our Creating Picture Books with Humor and Heart workshop in April 2022, and he was inspired to write a poem about his experience.

Thanks, Mark, for sharing this with us!

Our Workshop “Highlights”

At our recent Highlights workshop
We saw our writing skills increase
Thanks to Emily, of course
Sunita and Elise

That we accomplished quite a lot
Nobody is debunking
As we created picture books
With humor, heart and chunking?

We enjoyed true gourmet dining
Normally – not on my agenda
Tofu, parsnips, quinoa
And did I really eat polenta?

Admittedly, it rained a lot
The chance of sun proved very slight
Okay – the skies may have been gray
But our prospects all were bright

And I loved meeting all of you
I loved your pitches and your hooks
And I’m convinced not long from now
I will also love…..your books!

——–Mark A. Malcolm

Mark Malcolm workshop poem

Posted on: April 22, 2022

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