Watch Our Community Webinar if You Missed It, Or Ask More Questions

Our Community Webinar was lots of fun! George Brown talked about the Highlights Foundation mission and experience, Alison Green Myers previewed our fall workshops, and they both answered questions from the viewing audience.

If you missed it, you can watch it on Youtube:


If you have questions, write us at

We've still got room at these fall workshops:


September 19-22
Writing for Illustrators: An Author/Illustrator Intensive

September 22-25
Nurturing Your Artistic Voice: A Guide for Kidlit Rebels and Risk-takers

September 23-November 10
Getting To Know Your Rhyming Picture Book Online Course Plus Onsite Retreat

September 25-29
Taking Your Writing & Art to New Places: Published Authors & Illustrators at Work

October 10-13
Writing for All Young Readers: Board Books through MG Series

October 13-17
The Craft and Heart of Writing Poetry for Children

October 20-23
Building Sweet & Sophisticated Contemporary Stories for Teens

October 24-27
Unlocking Your Story: Forms and Genres, A Mashup

October 27-30
Writing the Rainbow: Crafting Picture Books With LGBTQ+ Themes

Scholarships available! Apply here.

October 30-November 2
Perfecting Your Dummy: How to Amp Up Your Text, Illustration Style, Technique & Page Design for Successful Submissions

October 31-November 3
Jump-Start Your Creativity! Idea Generator for Novelists

Posted on: September 6, 2019