“This workshop exceeded my greatest expectations—I am prepared to promote myself and my books to my market, in a knowledgeable and fun way. Now I know the pitfalls that may come my way, and the joys I’ll reap, if I promote myself well.”

Elissa Elliott
Rochester, MN
Life in the Spotlight

“The faculty/conferee ratio and the availability of the faculty are two of the best and unique features of these small workshops. It was truly an eyeopener to see things from an editor’s angle.”

Connie Wooldridge
Richmond, IN
Nonfiction—It’s More Than Just the Facts!

“Attending the workshop not only gave me deeper insight into writing, but it established new friendships and broadened my feeling of professionalism and capabilities. It was wonderful to get together with other writers who were more than willing to share their expertise and experiences.”

Lori Mortensen
Cameron Park, CA
Writing from the Heart

Workshop attendees show their appreciation for mentor Patti Gauch.

Workshop attendees show their appreciation for mentor Patti Gauch.

“What a marvelous gift you have given the writing community! We immersed ourselves in poetry. You are filling a real need to go beyond surface presentations and really get into the meat of various genres.”

Kay Winters
Richlandtown, PA
Word Play: Poetry for Children