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Writing Off the Page 2017 | March 26 – March 29, 2017

Push your scenes and characters in new directions.

Look at your characters from a fresh perspective. Step back and think outside the box.

Whether you are in a first-draft stage or deep into revision, this workshop is designed to spark ideas and push your scenes and characters in new directions.

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • Character development
  • Plotting strategies
  • World-building
  • Immersive research

This workshop will use creative exercises designed to breathe new life into your characters and scenes by approaching your story material from new angles.

Each workshop session will be followed by time and space to explore the story ideas you develop as a result of these prompts–meaning you will have time to put into writing practice the lessons of the day.

In this workshop, you will develop new creative strategies to help bring your stories to life:

  • Think about your writing from different angles, drawing inspiration from other disciplines (theater, graphic design, visual art) to deepen your characters and create more vibrant landscapes in which to immerse them.
  • Practice new ways to get into your characters’ heads. Through meditation, journaling, arts and crafts, and creative projects, you will be pulled out from behind the keyboard to immerse yourself more fully in the worlds of your stories.
  • Consider story structure and explore visual and tactile tools for outlining, organizing, and reorganizing your story.

This workshop will be valuable for people writing fiction for all ages, from picture book to adult audiences, as well as those writing nonfiction, memoir, or poetry.

Faculty & Special Guests