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Writing from the Heart 2015 | June 21 – June 28, 2015

Writing from the Heart is a fun, informative, inspiring and supportive week-long study of children’s books for young readers. Two tutors with a passion for guiding writers will lead you in hands-on projects, sessions on connecting with the young reader and a “Hero’s Journey” session to celebrate and stimulate you. Guest speakers and one-on-one critiques will help you shape your manuscript into a polished and salable story.

A message from Suzanne: THE PEN IS WRITIER THAN THE SWORD!
“We’ll take our words seriously and have fun doing it! I know, you’re already a wordsmith; but there are a variety of rabbit holes to wriggle down as we search for the rhythm and the best words. We’ll do some figurative digging to uncover different creative pathways because sometimes the way to a story includes doodling, listening, daydreaming…”

Suzanne has written and/or illustrated 17 books, seven of which are about her favorite characters, Goose & Bear & Little Fox. When starting a new story, Suzanne asks, “What do I want my reader to feel? How will my words or illustrations elicit that feeling? And, why should we care about the characters?” Goose and Bear have weathered many challenges which has only strengthened their friendship. Re-writes and do-overs are part of Suzanne’s process to find the right pace and tone.

Some thoughts from Jillian about paying attention to details:
“Often a writer is blocked in a piece of writing simply because they do not know enough details yet to write. By taking time to find a detail, there is new learning, new energy, a new direction.” Read more

Faculty & Special Guests

"This lovely week allowed time to work and learn in a relaxed atmosphere."—Barbara Santucci, 2014 attendee, Rockford, IL

"This was the most valuable and nourishing workshop ever."—Adele Greenspun, 2014 attendee, Philadelphia, PA

"A wonderful week that really did welcome me back to feeling like a writer again."—Deborah Holt Williams, 2014 attendee, Glenwood Springs, CO

"I loved spending the whole week getting to know other writers. We soon became a family - lots of laughs and stories."—Kathy Doherty, 2014 attendee, Schererville, IN