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Writing from the Heart 2013 | July 7 – July 13, 2013

“Writing does take a lot of discipline if it’s to go anywhere, but none of it is arduous. It is all personally enriching and deeply satisfying. I find writing hard work but at the same time consider myself blessed in that my work is also my greatest pleasure.”

—Joy Cowley, Writing from the Heart: How to Write for Children

Join Joy and her exceptional colleagues—children’s book writers, illustrators, editors, and agents—on a writer’s journey through the heart. With thoughtful guidance and powerful dialogues, you will learn what it truly means to write from your heart with humor, compassion, and childlike wonder.

Writing from the Heart is a week-long study of children’s books for early readers. You will learn about the needs of the children’s book and magazine markets as well as the wants of young readers and their developmental milestones. Your craft will benefit from sessions on mining your memories, the picture-book process, developing plot, and revision techniques for limited word count. Your one-on-one mentor will help shape your early-reader manuscript into a shimmering and saleable story.


Faculty & Special Guests