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Writing for the Educational Market 2018 | June 24 – June 28, 2018

Would you like to have editors actually contacting you and asking you to write for them? Welcome to the educational market!

If the words “educational market” make you think of boring workbooks and textbooks, it’s time to think again! Today’s educational publishers are eager to see lively nonfiction, fast-paced fiction, poetry, and more. The rules for educational writing are different, but the end result is creative, exciting, and kid-pleasing.

Whether your interest is straight informational nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, fiction, or poetry, this workshop will help you find your niche in the educational market. We’ll demystify the concept of reading levels, and we’ll practice writing and editing to match assigned grade levels. We’ll learn how to rewrite in response to editor requests. We’ll look at making nonfiction interesting, finding an age-appropriate hook, finding quick but reliable research sources, and even working with photos. We’ll lead you through entry points, including writing single-title books, pitching a series, and writing test passages.

Join us for

  • Market-specific information;
  • Brainstorming techniques;
  • Plenty of hands-on writing; and
  • Practice at producing submissions packages.
  • BONUS: Opportunities to interact with editors at educational publishing companies

Welcome to the educational market!

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