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Writing for Magazines 2014 | November 6 – November 9

Writing for Magazines: Fiction and Nonfiction

Want to put your story into the hands of thousands of eager young readers—and get paid for it, too? Welcome to the children’s magazine market!

Writing for magazines is challenging and rewarding. This hands-on workshop will help you develop a strong—and saleable—story or article for children. You’ll also write a cover letter or query letter and get an in-depth look at the market. Topics include:

  • story structures for both fiction and nonfiction;
  • characteristics of fiction and nonfiction for specific age groups;
  • rules for manuscript submission;
  • one-on-one and group critiques;
  • information on writing and submitting poems, crafts, puzzles, and other short pieces.

Join Lou Waryncia, editorial director of Cobblestone Publishing; Judy Burke, editor of Highlights; Kim Cooper, editor of Owl; and Rich Wallace, Highlights contributor, former editor, and novelist, for an invigorating and information-packed workshop.

Faculty & Special Guests