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Writing for Little Eyes and Little Ears 2012 | September 9 – September 13, 2012

Picture books for early learners bear many similarities to poetry. Both depend on imagery, rhythm, and musical devices for their overall effect. Both are succinct and employ words to serve multiple purposes. Most of all, both are meant to be read aloud, and the experience of doing so is pleasurable on many levels, conscious and unconscious, for readers and listeners alike. A love of rhythm and meter is related to the beat of our hearts, the pulse of our blood, the intake and outflow of air from our lungs. Used unskillfully, however, meter, rhyme, alliteration, and other musical devices call attention to themselves and away from the meaning of a text. The effectiveness of a read-aloud must be judged in light of the writer’s intention. In the hands of a skilled writer, musical language can add immeasurably to meaning and overall effect. This workshop will show you how to make your writing sing. Learn to write books for early learners that beg to be read aloud and have kids pleading, “Read it again!”

Faculty & Special Guests