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Writing Books About Agriculture: Beyond the Barnyard 2013 | January 24 – January 27, 2013

Remember the children’s song, “Old McDonald Had a Farm, E-I-E-I-O?” Children’s author and dairy farmer Cris Peterson feels like screaming that refrain instead of singing it when modern farmers are characterized as hayseeds caught in a 70-year-old time warp. They are pretty cute milking cows by hand and plowing fields with a horse. That’s not who’s producing America’s food, but you wouldn’t know it by reading most children’s books on farming. In this workshop, Cris, along with nationally renowned Ag in the Classroom educator Kevin Daugherty will walk you through the process of creating accurate, fascinating nonfiction on farming and introduce you to the large network of support available for putting books about farming into the hands of children.

As the Common Core educational standards take effect in the coming years, there will be a tremendous emphasis on nonfiction books in the classroom. Providing accurate, science-based information on food and farming will be more important than ever. Learn how to create a proposal, discover what topics will sell, and find the detailed facts that make a manuscript sparkle.


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