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Writing and Revising Narrative Nonfiction 2016 | November 1 – November 6, 2016

A writer of narrative nonfiction must work with both head and heart. Whether you’re working on a 1,200-word picture book, a 35,000-word middle grade, or a 65,000-word book for young adults, you need to carefully research to gather information, assess its accuracy and relevance, and then craft it into a compelling, true story.

Our workshop focuses on both writing and revising. Writing seminars will cover:

  • How to research thoroughly and accurately
  • How to choose the format—picture book, MG, or YA—that best suits your topic
  • How to focus and organize your material
  • How to employ the storytelling techniques that will bring your story to life
  • We’ll also offer ample time–and support–as you revise your manuscript.

    One month before the workshop, you will submit EITHER a narrative nonfiction picture book text OR up to 25 pages plus an outline of a longer work of narrative nonfiction. Your submission will be read and critiqued prior to the workshop. During the workshop, you will be guided in your revision by two one-on-one sessions with a faculty member and then a group critique led by both faculty members. Built into the workshop schedule is ample time to revise.

    You’ll return home with stronger narrative nonfiction storytelling skills and the feedback you need to complete your revision.

Faculty & Special Guests